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Tuomo’s Stubbornly Finnish Food

Trina Taylor

P: (249) 889-7622

E: | Facebook | Instagram

Located in Echo Bay, Tuomo’s has been baking Finnish styled products such as:  Pulla (Finnish sweet bread), Cinnamon rolls, Voipulla (Butter Pulla bun), Butter Horns, Buns, Sourdough bread, Sour Rye buns, Cardamom Almond Cookies, Butter Tarts, Light Roast Coffee for eight years and at Mill Market for all of them.

Trina’s father Tuomo (Born and raised in Finland and went to school as a baker there) started baking for the Mill Market in 2014 while Trina sold the products and learned the craft alongside her father. Trina and her husband Billy took over the business when Trina’s father was ready to retire in 2019. Trina and Billy have slowly grown the business adding a website and new products; as well as growing their family, adding 5 children to the 2 they had in 2014 when the business started